The guest house : Shantidevi ashram

Forsaking the bustle of Bodhgaya, five minutes in a tchuk tchuk will bring you to the Shantidevi Ashram – a large, light coloured house in the middle of a peaceful well planted tropical garden.  

Shantidevi combines the charm of traditional India with all the modern comforts and provides a relaxed environment
that is perfect for meditation.
Bedrooms  lead off the veranda which overlooks the garden.  Each room has its own bathroom, the charm and simplicity of period furniture and impeccable cleanliness.  These are  important factors concerning all the accommodation at the Shantidevi Ashram.
Designed to be an area of peace and tranquility, the garden inspires and encourages taking  time to relax, and is a place where  breakfast  can be served on request. From the garden there is easy access to a tranquil terrace,  covered with a  bamboo roof,  perfect for meditation or a course in Yoga.
Akash and Pappu will welcome you and are at your service to ensure your stay is trouble-free, acting as your guide and dealing with any special requirements you may have.
Akash and Pappy can invite you for a sightseeing by   typically Indian moto Royal Enfield !
Shantidevi ashram guesthouse purpose 8 bedrooms with private bathroom, with double beds or single bed.
Due to our philosophy : an eco friendly involvement the guesthouse don’t have air conditioners but each bedrooms are equipped of fan. 
Please Note : 
To visit India is choosing to open to its traditions and culture, to Shantidevi ashram we are proud to give our guests a certain idea of India, both in architecture, furniture , decoration, sense of place, the practice of Indian customs where the sacred and the profane are intimately mixed; those who choose to stay in Shantidevi ashram appreciate this immersion that we offer them in the best possible conditions. 
Info : 
Bedding is made by a craftsman in Bodhgaya, who made traditional mattress , lined with coconut fiber and cotton, which confers the mattress firmness and hygiene, non-allergenic and ergonomic. Hoping that this little note you will be informed about our intentions, those giving our guests to live the authentic Indian culture, not westernized.