Project : a Guest house to support two schools

Welcome to Shantidevi ashram’s guesthouse : due to its position and philosophy,  the Shantidevi Ashram foundation has developed a special environment of its own.  All  profits from the letting of accommodation are put towards supporting the running of an evening school for disadvantaged local children

Shantidevi Ashram, an invitation into the heart of India and its traditional charm

By pushing the gate of Shantidevi Ahsram you enter in the garden of a bright and familiar mansion house. Like if you were guided by the nostalgy after a long absence, smiles of  children coming to study invite you to celebrate joy, friendship and sharing.

Here, everything is calm and simple

We cultivate the art of living and the vision “less is more” in the respect of human and environment : the traditional architecture and all indigenous details, the botanic garden hosting numerous birds, the shaded veranda where it’s nice to take your time to read, medidate, receive an ayurvedic massage or a yoga class… Here and there, the ancients furnitures tell stories about the unique indian charm and bring into the space a touch of poesy. 

Gratitude for all travelers stopping by our place and supporting us in our transmission of knowledges and dance to the children of our Foundation.

Take part in this peaceful break out of the buzzling India. Stop by Shantidevi Ashram, we really care that your stay with us will be an unforgettable experience.

 Betty, Akash, Pappu, and all the team of Shantidevi